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A Mother’s Rest

The brilliant idea of one determined mother is now allowing all of us to get some rest. A fascinating interview with Andrea Faris Roberts, the founder and director of the amazing non-profit, “A Mother’s Rest”.

Going Away

In this episode Alma and Iris challenge each other with the dilemma of when is the right time to part ways from our children so we can get some very needed rest…

Catherine Shields

An interview with Catherine Shields, a writer, an educator and a mom to an adult daugther with a disability. Listen in and learn something new!

Laura Hernandez

In this episode we are hosting Laura Hernandez. You think your life is complete chaos? Laura found a way to systemaize motherhod and simplify our neverending to do lists!

James Guttman

A father’s perspective on raising a child with a disability, autism, and life in general…


Ableism and internalized ableism- what it means to us as parents of children with disabilities, and what it means to others… 


Physical Accessibility: Someone may be crying before bed if your ice cream shop does not have a ramp. Learn all the ways in which we can make our communities business and organizations physically accessible.

Parenting Breaking Points

When parenting our children with disabilities is simply overwhelming… An honest discussion of our parenting ‘breaking points’ and how to deal with them. 

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