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Tips for the summer break

The summer has only begun and you are already feeling desperate? Alma and Iris to the rescue with an episode filed with tips and tricks – not just for surviving the summer break – but on actually making it fun for the whole family!


In this episode we discuss why it’s so important to teach children with disabilities to swim (if they can), and how to stay safe in and around  water. Listen in to learn some useful tools that can literally save lives…

Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

In this episode we share our insights on gifts for fathers as well as anyone else who is a father figure in our Childs life. Happy Father’s Day!

Out of Home Placement

Emily Klein engages in a brutally honest conversation about her daughter’s out-of-home placement and how the support systems meant to assist parents in providing in-home care systematically fail them. 

Navigating puberty

In this episode we explore the delicate topic of how parents can support teens with disabilities – navigating puberty.

Disability Parade- Mike LeDonne

Grammy award nominee, Mike LeDonne, joins us as he discusses starting the NYC disability pride parade in honor of his daughter with prader willi syndrome 

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