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we offer a wide range of custom services

2 Moms No Fluff Sessions Are Unique!

We give you an opportunity to have not one, but two professional perspectives to help you navigate, strategize and be validated.

Alma and Iris are each coming from a distinct perspective of not only working with caregivers of children with disabilities, but also being caregivers themselves.

Together, they bring a sum of over 50 years of experience with them to each session.

Please know that we never turn anyone away in their time of need. If these service fees are not within your budget, please contact us at

This service is designed to provide you with immediate support, guidance, insight and potentially a plan of action.

We will help you identify and tackle specific challenges using our professional training and personal experience.

We also offer a three and six session package for more complex goals.

50 minute – $250.00

3 sessions – $660.00

6 Sessions – $1,200.00

This service is designed to provide assistance within 24 hours for parents who are struggling with practical or emotional situations.

This intervention can be beneficial for caregivers of a child with a new diagnosis, a crisis within the family or with an outside organization involving the individual with the disability.

50 minutes – $350.00

This service is designed to assist your nuclear family and extended family by promoting improved communication and participation with the emotional and practical caregiving of a child(ren) with a disability. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, in-laws and friends may all be a part of the process.

50 minutes with nuclear family

90 minutes with extended family

50 minutes with nuclear family

Total for 3 above sessions: $750.00

This service is for you, whether your child has recently been diagnosed or you have been caregiving for your child with a disability for many years.

We all need support when we go through life’s changes. This weekly session will allow you to have a consistent sounding board and hand holding to navigate the sometimes unpredictable terrain of our lives.

30 minute coaching sessions per week/ 24 sessions over 6 months


This service is appropriate for parent caregivers, allies and professionals.

We provide presentations around a variety of topics related to disability awareness, inclusion and caregiving.

For customized presentations, contact

Please visit our website to learn how to make your workplace more inclusive and supportive of their employee caregivers of children with disabilities.

USE the scheduler below to book and pay for a session or package

If you are getting a package, please only schedule the first session.

At this time, all of our sessions are virtual. We will send you a Zoom link prior to your scheduled appointment.

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