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This podcast is so comforting and no BS. I absolutely love this podcast. Alma and Iris are honest about the struggles and the joys of parenting a child with a disability in ways I have not heard before. It is relatable and compassionate and it also speaks to the outside world and offers insights on how to be more inclusive of children with disabilities and their families. I look forward to every episode!
— A.M.
Fantastic podcast! I love listening to Alma and Iris discuss a wide range of topics. Each and every episode has gems of wisdom and reminds me that I’m not alone. It is a relief to hear honest and compassionate conversations about what it is really like parenting children with different needs and abilities. These discussions are useful to ALL people! Bravo!
— L.G.
This podcast gives me encouragement on hard days. Listening has really helped me. I'm reeling after learning. My son has a genetic disorder that leads to blindness. He is nine years old. This is one of the only places I've ever felt like I've been understood. I love this podcast and I hope Alma and Iris continue it for a long time. I highly recommend this especially if you have just learned your child has a disability. This is one of the loneliest places I've ever been and listening to this episode has helped me feel much less alone.
— J.
Hi there, I wanted to let you know that I assigned your podcast on going out into the community to my students and had them respond in video posts. The themes that arose in their responses were a sense of belonging, providing care to families with special needs, and advocacy. You and your colleague are making a big difference!
— C.M.
I am sitting in the parking lot at Petco waiting for my dog to be done getting a haircut and listening to your Silver linings podcast. And crying. Iris, your story about the woman who got your daughter the doctor's appointment is unbelievable and you so beautifully put how the depths of despair allow you to feel such huge gratitude. Just wanted to share that and thank you both for this amazing podcast.
— L.K.
I really appreciated your and Alma’s honesty in sharing both hard and beautiful experiences. That takes guts. I think your open, personal conversation between friends is what makes it so engaging to listen to.
— Anonymous
So easy to listen to and entertaining and thought provoking. Excellent job and you two should be very proud!
— Z.S.
Thank you so much for that podcast episode on dealing with your partner! It’s going to help a lot of people. Would have saved me a few years of therapy if I had listened to it awhile ago.
— E.U.
Raising disabled children? This podcast is a must. Alma and Iris talk about what really matters when raising children with disabilities. They often get into painful subjects like birthday parties, relationships between partners and what effective self care really looks like. So grateful for this podcast.
— A.L.
Wonderful content and candid discussion by iris and Alma. No sugar coating and valuable information for everyone. Whether or not you are a caregiver or for children with disabilities.
— A.R.
I continue to listen each week. I'm amazed! Bravo to you and Alma. You are both beautiful and real people. You share your message by being a living example as well. If only all people in general would implement your ideas of sensitivity, understanding and inclusion, the world would be so bright and pure. It's also fascinating to see and hear you in the professional world. Your command of the language, positive demeanor, your focus, clarity and delivery to the public is truly incredible.
— S.W.
2 Moms No Fluff is not only for parents of children with disabilities. Iris and Alma are both dealing with so much. Every week. I am amazed by their willingness to share and be vulnerable. Though they aim to support other parents of children with a disability, I find that I benefit from hearing their perspectives on things. There are so many things that I have never noticed before. And now I cannot ignore them. One example is playgrounds that are not easily accessible with the wheelchair, restaurant staff not accommodating the needs of a person with a disability etc. The world will be a better place if everyone listens to this podcast.
— M.R.
As a person who doesn’t have a disability or a child with a disability, I learned a lot.
— Anonymous
I’m loving your podcast …you continue to inspire. You ladies have great chemistry.
— S.P.

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